Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Thank you all so much for coming to my blog and reading it, or just looking at the pics/videos, whatevs. hehe

My name is Leah, and I am a wife, also a mother to two little boys. I LOVE The Sims and have been a huge fan since it first came out. I think I heard about Sims 1 like a week before it came out and I went and spent birthday money on it the very day it came out, I'm pretty sure it was the day it came out anyways. I feel like its been a bazillion years.

Anyhooter, I play The Sims now, obviously, and when I play I tend to have lots of weird stuff happen in my game. Usually the weird stuff comes with custom content downloads, but for some reason, probably glitchy patches probably, I keep having the weirdest stuff happen in my games. I used to get a ton of custom content all the time, but now after experiencing so much bad stuff, and having things happen to my computer, plus messing up game saves, I decided that I will only download content from the Sims Store, no custom content!!

I thought it would be fun to share all the crazy stuff that happens to me in my adventures with The Sims. The people on my facebook seem to enjoy it when I share it when them, so I am going to start sharing it here! I Hope that you all enjoy it too!

In this post, I will share with you all the things that have happened more recently since starting up playing again. Enjoy!

This was the singer that I created when I first got Showtime. She moved up to a new position on the career track, I don't remember which, and suddenly her "work outfit" as her birthday suit. She would shower, and then her blurr would go away and this was her dress and ready for work.

She was interacting with people, and literally went to work naked.

This guy got dropped off right at his door. First he was unloaded next to the car and then went to walk inside and walked right through the car. 

Oh lord, this guy... He was walking around on my pool all smelly and complaining for like 2 days straight. He was a party guest, so there wasn't anything I could do. It wouldn't let me interact with him with any of my sims either.

Then, after pool guy finally dove into the pool and climbed out the ladder he went to my lounge chair and fell asleep. He kept doing it! He would wake up, walk around my house like he lived there, but then go outside and fall asleep on the chair. He was only napping, so he kept doing it cuz he was so overly tired. He finally just left on his own.

Then it happened again!! This time it was a different person though. So I don't know what was up with my pool, but it was a people trap! And it wasn't like anyone was even trying to swim in it. So weird. This kid didn't have as much of a problem getting out and going home though.

Then, the same house with the glitchy pool suddenly had one of my sims for that lot acting weird. He somehow ended up outside of the house floating in mid air. So I tried a bunch of different things like building a door and floor there for him to get out, restarting my game, etc, etc... Nothing worked. Well then he finally glitched back inside and started to do really weird stuff whenever I would click an action for him. He walked around weirdly posed and wouldn't go anywhere except for downstairs, disappear to some random area that I could never find, and then suddenly appear back upstairs and just kept doing that all over again until I cancelled the action or it cancelled on its own. I never did get him back to normal. See bottom picture for the weird pose he was doing.

I think this one was when I went to try on clothes for her and she had an option for work clothes and this is what it was when I clicked on it.

I just think this face is hilarious, there is nothing glitchy about this one. lol

Had the weird glitchy floating outside the house guy fix the dishwasher and he finally was able to move to this spot to do the job, but he was invisible while doing so. lol

For some reason, this chick was walking around with her feet in the ground.

The lady walking away with the chat bubble just set her baby down, gave it a bottle, then walked off the lot. I was like what the hell?! After a few seconds the baby poofed. I thought that was very strange.

This teenage sim had a birthday and this was the outfit she changed into. Is this even an outfit option with just a bra like that? I don't really create teens much, so I wasn't entirely sure. I did also find it pretty hilarious though that this dude was like cheering for his half naked sister. haha

Another ranom sim of mine that wouldn't appear. Took a few minutes before she finally did.

There was a thought bubble moving around in the floor, I'm assuming it was a floor person. I've dealt with a few floor people. (People under the ground or partially through the floor.)

This lot has had a bunch of glitches too! Every time I have a baby here, it finishes going potty and then sits behind the toilet....

Then, the same baby from the above pic... its a boy. That is a female baby outfit is it not?

Then I had another case of the birthday suit work outfit situation. What makes it funnier though is that he was a lieutenant for the police station. haha

Mr. Officer finally graduated to underpants at least when he received his next promotion. lol

Another floor person! He was just walking around in the floor in Egypt like this. Except this time you could see this persons head at least.

Some sort of weird second face reflective things going on here.

These two lovely people randomly showed up next to my back door and started to make out. None of my sims had even met them before. I didn't get an option to shoo them or make them leave or anything!

Back to the weird baby house... one of the babies grew up and every time he showered this was his outfit. He had a hat and some sort of shorts that you can sorta see through the blur. Every child that we had did this when they showered! None of them wore hats for any other outfits!

This is another child who did the same thing. You can see its the same outfit too! I have no idea why it was doing this either.

From the same house with the shower clothes and weird babies also comes this glitchy sim. She won't actually sit on furniture, she stands now for some reason. At one point she was even a floor person, but her book was visible under my couch.

In bed she randomly lays down, then pops up in this position, its kinda like something out of The Exorcist if you ask me. lol She also has this same pose just walking around too.

Her once again, not sitting on furniture.

Same house........ Geez this house is glitchier than I realized. Anyways, this is the bunk beds I bought from the Sim Store and no matter what way I put the bed, they always pick the ladder that is on the wall, so therefore, they climb it technically outside, through the wall. Its weird.

This chick was walking around without shoes. I don't think I've ever noticed anyone without shoes before... Is this glitchy or just something new for me to notice?

Another floor person, but this time they were protesting! lol

This guy was celebrating a wedding, but wouldn't stop throwing confetti. He literally stood there for hours doing that, it was kinda hilarious.

This is a video from the glitchy pool lot. She was standing here for a very long time talking to an invisible person and flirting with them.

Here is a video of the invisible man fixing my dishwasher.

The man in Egypt decided he was going to swim in the floor instead of walk around.

Weird glitchy baby house, but this was before I added to the house and had kids. Dude was invisible when he came home from work and then suddenly, poof, he appeared!

Video of the dude climbing into his bed through the wall.

Exorcist lady sleeping.

More invisible floor people, then poof appearing.

Another invisible person randomly appearing.

The Exorcist lady who doesn't sit apparently half ass works out. Or is she magically working out by only having to do actual working out for a few seconds..... hmmm.... lol 

Hope you guys enjoyed my post, have a great week! xoLeah